Health Screening
Upgraded features include built-in COVID-19 screening capabilities to keep your facility safe

Powering great experiences, one kiosk at a time

Connect with family members, resolve issues before they escalate, and improve your community reputation

preferred care
complete care
Visitor check-in & feedback kiosk

Check-in your visitors, check-up on their satisfaction

Know who is in your facility at all times and capture feedback from visitors directly at check-out.
Online review generation

Become the top-rated facility in your area

Automatically request online reviews from family members & visitors after their experience.

Full-circle approach to visitor engagement & reputation management

Striv360 is backed by industry leaders who understand how critical it is to take a proactive approach. Are you looking to step up your customer experience?  Striv360 can show you how!

How can we make the best first impression?

Whether it's online where customers are searching for placement options, or when they step foot into your door, Striv360 makes sure you look your best.

How can we engage visitors in real-time?

Absolutely!  Customer service is key to a great experience, and you need to be ready at all times to address any needs or concerns.  Striv360 opens the door for you to handle service recovery in real-time. 

How can we quickly get access to feedback?

Striv360's platform will send you real-time notifications and alerts via text and email, making it simple for you to gain access to the feedback you need. 

How we can be prepared for surveys or visits?

Striv360's intelligence dashboard allows you to be prepared at the click of a button for complaint visits and annual surveys. 


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We implemented Striv360 in all our buildings and saw immediate results. We now have a fair representation online and are ranked highest in our area! 

Mark Hartman
Chief Brand Officer, Symphony Post Acute
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Striv360 is a great tool to keep our communities safe. Each center uses a Kiosk to screen all of our employees, vendors, and eventually guests.

Gregory Strite
Regional Admissions and Marketing Director, Vita Healthcare
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Collecting post-visit feedback with instant alerts allows our staff to resolve issues in real-time. 

Mark Neuman
CMO, Crown Healthcare